Brian's Bio

Brian is the founder and CEO of "A Radical Vision."  His mission is to help people embrace their own personal blindness to achieve a greater vision for their lives. The process takes people from a point of blindness, into sight, and toward a greater vision.   

On March 4 of 2011 he woke up blind. Only brain surgery and multiple eye surgeries have allowed a portion of his vision to return.

Since then, Brian has become an author of the semi-autobiography book "Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon".

He uses his experiences to help his audience to improve their lives by teaching them how to see what they are missing as a result of their own blindness. 

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Focus on your vision

When you are blind, you have to accept that you are blind. There is a part of life that passes you by without you ever knowing. 

When you first have sight you discover a whole new world, because of the truth-tellers that showed you your blindspots. 

Once you have vision your life starts to come into focus. It's then that you're able to set goals that intended to help you reach your vision. 

The days can be long

We all have bad days. When you're struggling to get through, you can always focus on what brings you joy. 

This means focusing on what makes you happy. It's not about finding your long-lost aunt, Joy. 


"Very inspirational. The folks loved him!"
Shane Schaefer
It was fantastic that he invested so much of his time into spending time with the group throughout the conference
Mark McSweeney
"I've never laughed and cried so much during a keynote" 
Jason Berry

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