She Couldn't Believe I Did That - Calling All Entrepreneurs!
August 06, 2020

"Honey, I want to start my own company."

That picture shows her reaction. It sort of says, "I love you but "NO"".

"I just want to help people that are going through tough times." "I want to be a speaker."

"A what?"

"You know, someone that stands in front of a crowd of people and changes the way they're thinking." (my response may not have been that eloquent, but that's what I meant to say.

At the time there were a lot of unspoken words. Even some words were spoken.

* Don't you need a degree for that?

* What gives you the right?

* How are you going to support our family?

* Don't you need to have customers?

* You don't even know who you're selling to?

* We're going to have three kids in college. How can we afford that?

* Can't you build a website for free?

* You don't have any speaking experience, except for that one time in high school.

* Who is going to pay you?

* What are they going to pay you?

* What are you going to speak about?

* What's your "thing"?
...the list goes on

I didn't have any of the answers, but I did have vision.

We all know how important is to have vision. This is what guides our decision making and helps to set our rudder. It's what we use when we're setting our goals.

However, there are times when we can get ahead of ourselves. We just want to take the bull by the horns and have instant success.

Here's the challenge.

There are steps that you must take sequentially, in order. What are the steps? They change with the person and circumstance. What's the order? They're different for everyone.

I'm becoming an expert on what not to do. This is also part of the process.

The other part of the riddle is that you have to be consistent for a long period of time. This can be one of the hardest tasks to execute.

I'm so glad we made the decision. I love her and I love being an entrepreneur.

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