She said, "You can handle the truth"
August 19, 2020

When I drive, my passenger and I have an agreement. They will watch for anything in my blindspot.

In your personal and professional life, who shows your blindspots? I've interviewed hundreds of successful executives. The majority have indicated that their spouse has been the one that's shown them their blindspots.

That's crap!

Your spouse loves you and wants to protect you. They're not going to deliver the tough news you need to hear about your blindspots

You may get their version of the truth, but you won't get the whole story. You won't hear how you are self-destructing your career and life with self-limiting beliefs.

Your spouse wants to protect your ego and mental health. They're not going to help you in a way that delivers a smack across your face.

For once and for all, get it right. Get a coach.


I have two coaches and should get a third. I have a business coach. I have a speech coach and I should get a sales coach. Not because I'm bad at any of these areas, but because I know I can be better.

Who do you have that watches your blindspot?


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