Let's be cozy
September 03, 2020
There are times in our lives where we need to grow, but we find excuses for staying how we are.

"I'm finally happy." "I don't have anything else that I want." "I'm cozy."

Have you been asked to grow in your current job and take on more responsibility? Maybe you've had some internal dialogue like this:

* "I don't want to become one of the people I used to make fun of."
* "What will my colleagues say?"
* "I wonder how I will be treated by my current peers?"

All of those questions are focused on you. When presented with an opportunity for growth, it's vital that you look at it from another perspective. View the opportunity from the point of view of the people you can serve. Think of all the good you could do.

Once you're able to do that everything will change. The way you look at your life will change. Your relationships will change. Your relationship with your spouse, your parents, and even your money.

This hit me square in the face this week.

I wanted to move my office studio to the main-floor living room (mostly so I could have a window). My wife explained to me why that was a bad idea and said, "why don't you move your office to the other portion of the basement?"

This proposed area is about three times the size of my current office. After briefly thinking about it, I said no". I was cozy where I was. I had gotten comfortable. I made up excuses like the following.

* the lighting isn't as good
* the audio will be hard to match
* we'd have to move all that furniture

Notice how all these reasons have to do with me.

A few weeks went by and something changed in me. I realized that this was a far superior location to serve my community. I'd be a fool not to take her up on her generosity. Ten hours later everything had been moved and the final adjustments are taking place.

I should listen to my wife more often.

What's it going to take for you to get out of your cozy zone?

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